As far as manufacturing goes, which is the sector that had been decimated by foreign competition, tax breaks are almost essential in order to incentivize employers to hire domestically. Manufacturing, assmbly, the trades, etc are what made this country economically sound (certainly pre-WWII) and it’s what can pull us out of the depression we’re in now. The American appetite for inexpensive goods (read as: Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, etc) in insatiable, and until we start buying American-made goods, we will never pull out of it. Big-box retailers buy cheap so they can sell cheap. Spend a couple extra bucks and buy something your neighbor made.


Is a real piece of shit. An hour and 20 train ride home and it goes from 100% to dead, just from listening to podcasts.

Asked a guy on the elevator, who had the iPhone 5, and he said the battery had been twice as good as his Droid.

May need to reconsider my Apple boycott (especially since The Wife just got an iPhone AND an iPad)…

Cameron, my 17-year-old son and I went to our first night.Find game today, watching the Miami Marlins defeat The Beloved 9-5 on a sultry night on the North Side of Chicago.

We have always bonded best over baseball, and tonight was no different. At times, conversation between teen boys and their fathers can become contentious unless they have common interests with which to relate. Luckily, Cameron and I have rarely had that problem. I have always treated him with respect and most of the time he has returned the favor. Hey – he’s a teenager – I was one once, and am pretty sure I was a smart-ass as well.

We battled traffic on 55 North, seeing three or four accidents in the southbound lanes – including an overturned semi at the ramp from 294 North to 55 South that had traffic backed up to 1st Avenue.

We made the North Side at approximately 6:15. I called my friend Genia Rackos, who lives two blocks from Wrigley, and she provided us with a parking permit sticker that enabled us to park on her street – saving me $30. I love Genia. She was shocked to see how Cam had grown; she hadn’t seen him in years.

I wish coffee shops were even 1/2 as interesting in real life as they are on TV and in movies.

A box of Barilla rigatoni
A jar of Trader Joe’s marinara
A half cup of heavy cream
A couple handfuls of baby spinach, cut into ribbons (“chiffonade”)
Five or six chicken cutlets, fried in a cast iron pan. Or whatever. Seasoned to taste.
A few roasted red peppers (the jarred ones in olive oil are fine), chopped.

Boil noodles.

Bring sauce to simmer.

Add cream, spinach and red peppers to sauce; bring back to simmer.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl. 

Cover with freshly-grated asiago cheese.


My son, like many young men his age, has long dreamed of becoming a professional athlete; specifically, a catcher for a Major League baseball team. 

He has exceptional drive, focus, and desire. He is book smart and street wise, which has translated to a keen understanding and appreciation for both the written and “unwritten” rules of baseball.

Offensively, he us a gifted athlete with excellent speed and a good eye at the place.  Defensively, he calls an excellent game, blocks like a brick wall, has a sure mitt and quick feet, and his snap throws with the best of ’em.

Tomorrow he will begin two days of workouts for area college coaches and scouts. It’s his chance to show to them his abilities and get his name out there for future consideration (he will not be graduating high school until 2013). 

I believe in him with all my heart & soul and wish him the best of luck.